Best E Cigs On The Market

List Of Best E-cigarette Brands

Although many people are putting off the decision to try using e-cigarettes are better known as e-cigs because of the technological factor associated with it, it has been proven easy to use. They are a tool that could help an individual who is looking forward to quitting smoking. Most of those available in the market do replace the nicotine craving of a smoker and hence a perfect way to reduce smoking.
The following are major e-cigs brands that are mostly used and preferred by most of e-cigarette users. This is a guide to help you through the list of e-cigs brands and hopefully you will try and switch from those that are made from tobacco, to help reduce the harm that it can cause to your body.
i) VaporFi
The VaporFi e-cig brand is so far the best brand in the market and readily available to users. The company has a selection of refillable models available to customers. They have a good taste, and the best part is that the battery life is longer than that of other competing brands. Check the out for the models are affordable in terms of pricing, and high quality as well; just make sure you get your Vaporfi discount.
ii) V2 Cigs
This is an option which is readily and easily available in the market. The V2 Company combines their choice of products that bring out a great performance and for this reason, they have had a bigger market share like One Man Gang.
iii) Halo Cigs
Both new and experienced e-cig users do enjoy this brand. They have a variety of flavors, and people can choose what they prefer best. This has helped them sale in the market. Their Triton Tank System is one of the important factors they also have .
iv) Mig Cigs
This is one of the most unique brands available in the market. They have a battery and a tank setup which is not sold anywhere else, and this is what makes them stand out among other major and big brands. They have released a new brand of gourmet e-liquid that you should try out.
v) South Beach Smoke
This brand has been on the market longer than most of other available brands. They are a greater choice for most of the amateur e-cig users today. They have a variety of flavors available to users. They never disappoint, and that has made them stay longer in the market.
vi) 777 E-Cigs
This is another company that has been around for so long. Among many other companies producing e-cigs, 777 E-cigs is a very well respected company, because of the way they handle their customers. They have models that come with a variety of flavors loved by their customers.
The listed e-cigarette brands are those that are mostly preferred by users. Otherwise, there are more e-cig brands available in the market for both users and starters. Try out the best brands and also get a guide to lead you through how to use them and their advantages compared to the standard tobacco cigarettes if you are a beginner.

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