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    3.  Suqian Ruixing Chemical Co.,Ltd.

      Antioxidant 1425 / Irg
      Light stabilizer 1222
      Ttrimebutine base
      Add:No. 3, Jingsi Road, Ecological Chemical Park,
      Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, China
      Tel:+86-527-80805666 (Switchboard) 

      Founded in 2008, Suqian Ruixing Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Jingsi road, ecological chemial park,Suqian city, it is easy of access. Ruixing is a chemical enterprise specializing in the development, production,and marketing of antioxidants, pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and relevant products. The company owns drug synthesis laboratory with complete and perfect facilities and production workshop in compliance with 'GMP'. The company has established close cooperation relationships with Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Organic Research Institute, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Institute, East China University of Science and Technology for the development of new products, for innovation of original technology and for enhancement of technical content. Thus wu can ensure the stable and rapid development of the enterprise.

      Our tenet: technical innovation as guide; humanistic management and foundation; continuous improvement as subject; harmonious development as basis.

      The company strives for providing customers with first-class products, first-class after-sale services, and helping customers realize their target values.

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